18704 Dance Favourite Burgundy Sequin Lace Bodice Dance Costumes Ballet Dress Lyrical Long Dress Contemporary Dress

<div class="ui-box-body"> <ul class="product-property-list util-clearfix"> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-200000863" data-attr="200004268" data-title="Ballet"> <span class="propery-title">Dance Type:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Ballet">Ballet</span> </li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-284" data-attr="494" data-title="Women"> <span class="propery-title">Gender:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Women">Women</span> </li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-10" data-attr="100019017" data-title="Spandex"> <span class="propery-title">Material:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Spandex">Spandex</span> </li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-2" data-attr="201465830" data-title="Dance Favourite"> <span class="propery-title">Brand Name:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Dance Favourite">Dance Favourite</span> </li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-3" data-attr="" data-title="18704"> <span class="propery-title">Model Number:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="18704">18704</span> </li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-" data-attr="" data-title="China (Mainland)"> <span class="propery-title">Place of Origin:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="China (Mainland)">China (Mainland)</span> </li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-" data-attr="" data-title="Spandex tulle"> <span class="propery-title">Dance tutu fabric:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Spandex tulle">Spandex tulle</span> </li> <li class="property-item" id="product-prop-" data-attr="" data-title="Adult ballet tutu, ballerina dance costume"> <span class="propery-title">Dance type:</span> <span class="propery-des" title="Adult ballet tutu, ballerina dance costume">Adult ballet tutu, ballerina dance costume</span> </li> </ul> </div>

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Dance Favourite is a factory supplies tutus, all kinds of dance costumes and leotards from 2009.


Our collection of Kids Dance costumes are for ballet, jazz & tap Dance. All are with high quality and unique design with different fabric and decoration.




Item No.: 18704 Dance Favourite Burgundy Sequin Lace Bodice Dance Costumes Ballet Dress Lyrical Long Dress Contemporary Dress


Available size: 


Child size : XSC, SC, MC, LC, XLC, XXLC


Child size chart


Adult size: SA, MA, LA, XLA, XXLA

If the buyer choose EMS shipping way, we will send the tutu in a carton box which will safely keep the tutu in shape.
If the buyer choose the China Post Registered Air Mail or ePacket (only US buyer can choose this shipping method), the tutu will be packed in a plastic bag and the shipping cost will be lower than EMS.






















Due to some of the dance costumes are out of stock, it is very important to place your orders ahead of time.
During "peak times" (end March to June, and end July to early December) orders could require extra time, due to the high volume of work we experience. We advise our clients to order at least 25 to 40 days before the performance. There is a holiday of Chinese New Year usually from mid Jan till the end of Feb, so do order 2 month before you need to use the tutus.

Your 5 stars rating is the affirmation and encouragement to all efforts from our factory workers and staffs. Much appreciated. 
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