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Note: these shoes are made according to Europe Sizes, UK and USA size in this size table is only for reference, Please use Foot Length in Centimeter as final measurement standard.  Strongly Suggest You to See "how to choose suitable dance shoes?" on the bottom of this webpage.


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How to choose suitable dance shoes? size table carefully

women-aiwuge-4Note: these shoes are made according to Europe Sizes, UK and USA size in this size table is only for reference,Please use Foot Length In Centimeter as final measurement standard.  

2. Measure foot length correctly


Step 1 Put your feet straightly and flatly, draw a circle around your feet.

Step 2 The linear distance between A and B is your feet length.

Step 3 The linear distance between C and D is your feet width.

Step 4 Please check the size chart above to choose the right  size according to Centimeters.

3. Notice some exceptions specially

Tip 1 There may be slightly 1-3mm deviation between size chart and real shoes owing to different measurement methods.

Tip 2 For fatter feet and High instep, Please choose one larger size than normal.

Tip 3 For High Heel dance shoes, please choose correct foot length as follows:







Shoe Size 4
Shoe Size 4.5
Shoe Size 5
Shoe Size 5.5
Shoe Size 6
Shoe Size 6.5
Shoe Size 7
Shoe Size 7.5
Shoe Size 8
Shoe Size 8.5
Shoe Size 9
Shoe Size 10
Shoe Size 1
Shoe Size 10.5
Shoe Size 11
Shoe Size 1.5
Shoe Size 11.5
Shoe Size 12
Shoe Size 2
Shoe Size 12.5
Shoe Size 2.5
Shoe Size 13
Shoe Size 13.5
Shoe Size 3
Shoe Size 3.5
Gender Women
Gender Men
Outsole Material Soft Sole
Upper Material Canvas